You can wear a CROP TOP for just about any occasion!

October 26, 2017 | By admin

Let’s have a look at five events showing you how to wear the most talked about clothing item of the season—a crop top—to each one. No turning back on your abs exercises now 😉.

On and Off the Beach
A crop top bathing suits does double duty as a regular item of clothing off the beach, too. Just pair it with a loose pant, slip on your slides, then explore the boardwalk.

At your Workplace
A collar makes your cropped shirt look work-appropriate, even more so if it’s paired with high-waist trousers. Wear with office necessities like a nice bag and killer pumps, and you’re all good to go.

This wedding season, skip your go-to wedding attire in favour of a crop top and skirt. It’s equally formal, but breaks your streak of wearing the same dress to the 40 weddings you have lined up.

Dri-fit tees are so outdated for outdoor activities, instead wear a longline sports bra & go with the trend for the season. Nothing makes you feel like hiking mountains like a matching sports top and leggings.

If you’re spending a day exploring a new town, keep to an outfit that is suitable for different locations. A cute crop top paired with straight-leg jeans is comfy for a two-hour drive, but polished enough for an upscale lunch.